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chelsea“Leah has put in the work and truly knows what she is  preaching. After taking the Healing Sutras course, I felt different, in a good way, like something is shifting. These are HUGE life changes to implement and grasp. HUGE. This course is resonating with me in so many ways. It is forcing me to think in a way I am unfamiliar with and I like it. I feel more confident and it’s only been a few weeks. People are catching on, which means what you are covering is important. Leah is so positive and radiant with information to share it is contagious. Now that’s certainly a disease I wouldn’t mind catching  :)”

-Chelsea Burnell | YouTube Channel Publisher, Registered Nurse & Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Conquerormelissa

“I went through 6 months of tests, surgery, chemo, and radiation.  All of those things healed my body physically, but no one really tells you about what it does to you emotionally and mentally.  Once I got the all-clear and was officially in remission, I was left with this feeling of “now what?” Going through a course like this helped me cope and I took a lot away from it.”

-Melissa Perrin | Founder of & Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Conqueror

gigi“I am a wellness coach and really loved all the resources this e-Course offered. Tried and true when I know these are all things Leah is doing too. Such a wealth of information and impactful tools.I would recommend care givers and family members to do this e-course along with someone who needs healing! This course is great for patients, family and care givers. Very well done and the mark of a true journey of owning your well being.”

-Gigi Lane | Founder of Kinetic Solutions, LLC & Cancer Conquerorheather

“I am enjoying learning other non-medicinal ways to approach health. Through Healing Sutras, I learned about the anti-inflammatory properties of coconut oil, making it even healthier than olive oil. Lifestyle changes impact health more than we know and discussing simple ways
to approach healthy life practices has been very helpful.”

-Heather Molnar, M.D., Internal Medicine/Pediatrics at Haller & Hug, PC  & Mother of Two

“I saw taking thicaseys course as an opportunity to heal my soul by finding and facing the emotions that are conscious and subconscious. To be truly
present is a skill that takes practice to master; the course provided many creative ways to do so. And who knew that the basics could be so healing? Morning rituals are now essential to my health. Highly recommend to anyone who is ready to take action and do the work!”

-Casey Rehm | Executive Director of a Non-Profit Organization

margie“I was particularly impressed with the Money Sutras and Emotional Sutras!  I can see how much work Leah has put into this and it shows how prepared she is to lead. Way to go!!! The awareness gained from the “Core Belief” assignment is helping me take the steps to move past it. Love the recommended reading and the way this has been pulled together.  Thank you!”

-Margie Grutzka | Owner of The Center Massage & Yoga Studio

angela“I have gained a whole new perspective on what it means to live healthy, beyond the physical body, but not aside from it. After taking this e-course, I learned how everything we do – every action, every thought, every reaction – affects our entire being. One thing that has contributed most to my healing, for example, is being able to shift my attitude toward something I would typically view as negative, and realizing how it is positively affecting my life. By implementing this simple action into my daily life, I realize I am happier, more energized, and feel more in control of situations around me.”

-Angela Sandoval | PR & Marketing Professionalmaggie

“As a supporter of cancer survivors, I took the course hoping to understand how I could be healthier and strengthen my connection with God. I loved learning about vulnerability and allowing feelings to come up, as often we do not like dealing with these. I am now more in touch with my intuition- which for me, is the Holy Spirit.”

– Maggie Rose | Graduate Student, Social Work