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There’s gotta be something more to this life. Something deeper. Even though you have legit outer success and keep it together, you feel inwardly empty, stuck, and sometimes, isolated. Stressed, overwhelmed, tight, and worried, you don’t want to stay the same or stagnant (this rocking chair of never-ending thoughts is borderline obsessive cray-cray-ness.)

You’re ready to do the work to make changes and not just live, floating by, but you want to come alive.

After all you’ve been through, you know that there is a reason, a meaning, and you want to experience clarity and purpose fully. You want to do it yourself, and could use uplifting you can do eet! without all the corny bullsh*t, spending thousands and thousands of dollars talking about your problems.

Enter me.

I own a yoga studio in Canton, MI called West End Yoga and I offer private sessions. As of now, this is the main way to work with me.



hsheader-700x120 This is my flagship digital program to work with me if you are not in the vicinity of Michigan. This is in the midst of being developed and big things are coming! If you want to see a preview, click here. 






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